The Birmingham Feline Fanciers (BFF)  CFA Cat Club is a tax-exempt corporation that was founded in 1970.  The annual Cat Fanciers Association - CFA Cat Show benefits charities and humane societies.  It usually consist of approximately 225 pedigree cats, 20-50 household pets, and a number of pet supply vendors from all across the southeast.  BFF has contributed over $170,000 to pet charities and has paid the spay-neuter costs for more than 1,200 low income pet owners.  The next BFF CFA cat show is scheduled for January 27th - 28th 2018 in Irondale, Alabama at the Zamora Temple.

 (See BFF CFA Show Flyer for details).


BFF Blast from the Past (past and present BFF members)

In Loving Memory of Judy Price

In Loving Memory of George Thompson, charter member of Birmingham Feline Fanciers.

Birmingham Feline Fanciers - Club Members


Vice President: Becki Vance

Treasurer: Virginia Buryn   eMail

Secretary:   Cindy Steadham - eMail

Advertising: Cindy Steadham -

Household Pets: Clare Hames eMail

Rosettes - Barbara  Marsh -

Membership - Dasha Leach

Jim-Janet Kincaid

Amber Price   

Chandler Bussey

Frank Vance

Sue Perkins (Gaia Devon Rex)

CaySal Lackey

Story, Pam

Shields, Marci

Shields, Therese

Darlen Easum � Associate (Blu Paw Devon Rex)

Al Leach - associate  member

Cameron Leach - associate member


BFF Membership - Anyone interested in attending one of our meetings or joining the club should contact Jim Kincaid.  The club meets at the Irondale Library in Irondale, Al or a local restaurant on the last Tuesday of the month. 

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