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BEST HHP - Adult & Kitten 2016

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Blue Ridge Beef

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Redd Rodeo - Best HHP 2015


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The Birmingham Feline Fanciers is a CFA Cat Club that puts on CFA Cat Shows on the last weekend of January. The 2015 show will be held at the Zamora Temple in Irondale on January 31st - February 1st. Closing will be Jan 27th at 12:00 noon (Central Time) for both pedigree and HHP's. The 2015 show will include up to 225 pedigree cats and 50 household pets. The 2015 show will include 8 rings back-to-back (4SP/AB-4AB) The theme for the 2015 show was "Star of the Silver Screen". BFF will again sponsor a "Favorite Cat" award (any cat in the show) with the winning owner receiving a bountiful basket of cat related items. To find out more about the cat show, click Visitor Information. Remember to support CFA Cat Clubs and think cats!